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Automatic Healthy Tannour Bread Lines

Tannour Bread Line

A fully Automatic Line for making healthy flat bread which is known as Tannour Bread. It can be a single or double line to satisfy customer needs concerning both productive capacity and size. It can produce a range between 1400 Loaves up to 2200 Loaves per hour with a diameter between 15 cm to 45 cm. It operates via gas or diesel according to request. This line is adopted for supermarkets, bakeries, villages. Space needed for line installation is 12*5 m².

The line is composed of the following:

  1. Dough Divider
  2. Primary Proofer
  3. Dough Flattener
  4. Feeding Belt
  5. Baking Oven Wheel
  6. Cooling Conveyors


Tannour Bread Line Description : https://pitabreadnme.com/machines.php?id=7

NME Bakery Equipment SARL

Who we are?

NME is a Lebanese company specialized in manufacturing and trading of Industrial bakery equipment. We design, manufacture, and install customized machines for different types of bread and pastry. With a global presence, we currently operate in over 50 countries worldwide. Since 1985, NME has proven to be the pioneers in pita & flat bread lines adopting the slogan of “Your Bread … Our Specialty”. Our production base is in Beirut city, one of the largest industrial bases in Lebanon. The company covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters.

With a global presence over 5 continents and by launching showrooms in Egypt, Qatar & KSA, NME proved its success in Pita & Flat bread sectors.

We Provide the following :

1- Automatic Production line for Arabic , Lebanese Pita bread
2- Automatic Production line for Healthy Tannour bread
3- Automatic Production line for Tortilla bread
4- Automatic Production line for Armenian , Turkish Lavash bread
5- Machines for European Bread
6- Manakish & Pizza machines
7- Machines for Kaak, Cupcakes & Cookies
8- Spare parts for bakeries
9- Spring roll sheet line
10- Cypriot pocket pitta bread production line

Lastly, our machines are ISO Certified & compliant with the European Union’s food safety, hygiene, and protection standards, known as CE Norms.

To Contact NME Bakery Equipment Co:
TEL : 009613886979 – 0096171182250
Email : [email protected]
Address : Lebanon – Beirut – Choueifat, Haret Al Oumaraa, Tiro Road, near Fneish Silencers Co
URL : www.pitabreadnme.com

Welcome to NME Family!

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