• Continuous sheeting production Line for Pita & Flatbread

Continuous sheeting production Line

Continuous sheeting production Line for Pita & Flatbread

Farhat Bakery Equipment ltd. Co

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Farhat Bakery Equipment continuous sheeting lines are specially customized production lines where different sizes and shapes of breads can be made: Flatbread, Samoun, Iraqi bread, pizza base, Baladi Egyptian bread, pocket pitta bread, Greek pitta Gyro, mini pitta bread, pitta chips, tortilla flatbread, Naan bread, Lavash bread, khoubiz rada, Sambosa rolls, snack bread, crackers, rye bread, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Sardinian Flat Bread, Pane Carasau and Tandoori Naan Teardrop Bread, by simply changing the rotary die-cut mould.

The line capacity depends on several factors mainly: the dough type, the final product type, the final thickness and the production environmental conditions.

The line speed is custom made according to each customer’s requirements and it is equipped with a modem for a remote connection to the technical department of our company.

The continuous sheeting lines have been developed, manufactured, and continuously improved to keep up and evenly trying to exceed the increasingly demanding requirements of the changing market.

This line can be custom made according to customer requirements: bread shape, thickness, production, water containing, speed….


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