About Us


Our vision is for Lebanese production, creativity, innovation and competence to reach the four corners of the world.


Our mission is to showcase Lebanon’s clear potentials and latent capabilities on an online platform that engages the Lebanese Diaspora and the world at large, championing the cost-effective outreach of Lebanese products, innovative creations as well as professional services.

Dalia Khalil


Founder of the management consultancy firm Paragon Business Improvement, Dalia Khalil has served over 200 organizations of various sizes and development stages through the full spectrum of sectors and across the continents. An economist by education and a management consultant by profession, her past 25 years were focused on business planning, organization design and restructuring, change management and public sector strategic consulting. Her career culminated in conceiving this forward-looking vision for promoting Lebanon’s productivity, creativity, innovation and professionalism. Thus, Loubnany.com was born in 2021, 25 years after Dalia set foot in Lebanon, determined to be of service and be part of change in this beloved country of ours.