Sani Wash

SANI WASH is a broad spectrum disinfecting liquid hand wash for hygienic hand washing and surgical hand preparation.

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SteriTech LBN

SteriTech is a leading specialist, with more than 15 years of expertize, in manufacturing and supplying hygienic and disinfecting solutions in more than 20 countries (Lebanon, MENA and Africa region).
SteriTech has developed a holistic protection approach, offering infection prevention and control to the entire society, through our different lines addressing various sectors including medical, dental, hospitality, commercial, educational, household, beauty, veterinary, food and agricultural industries.
SteriTech puts strong focus in applying up-to-date technological solutions, continuous improvement of quality, research & development and permanent training of staff… This is fulfilled by strict compliance to highest ISO 13485 standards and quality management system, ensuring both products and environment safety.

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-Gentle on the skin: contains added emollients.
-Neutral PH, non-irritant.
-Dual action: cleans and disinfects simultaneously.
-Broad Spectrum.

Recommended uses:

-In clinics, health care facilities and nursing homes.
-In critical areas of the hospitals such as the intensive care units and isolation wards.
-Surgical hand washing followed by a persistent alcohol based hand rub.


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