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L’artisan du Liban was created in 1979 by the non-profit organization, Mouvement Social, whose mission is to work towards a more just and humane world. We work for the social and economic development of local Lebanese artisans by providing sustainable solutions that help support artistry and preserve the cultural traditions of craft. Since our creation, we have supported more than 1000 artisans across the Lebanese territory, mostly in remote rural areas, and saved several crafts from extinction.

Our mission is to keep culture alive and artisans active

Through our values we aim to link character, aestheticism and value to maximize value to our customers, while encouraging artisans from less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills and to sustain themselves, in a fair-trade and collaborative approach.

We create connections and open up possibilities.

Over the years, we devised a value chain enabling us to reach artisans all over Lebanon back to our outlets. We are not only involved in designing, developing and selling but we also often locate and train rural artisans who are searching for ways to support themselves and their families. The types of artisans we partner with come from communities located all over Lebanon and these can range from well-established workshops to the independent women working from home.

Supporting these artisans by working with them and teaching them new skills is essential for us as we strive to provide them with a sustainable income, help them rise above poverty and find new ways of expanding their sphere. Learn more about the crafts and the artisans we work with through our website and Blog.

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