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Robotic Crate Depalletizer

Empty Crates return from the market stacked for a better utilization of space in exchange for a harder depalletizing process. But not with Technica Robotic Crate Depalletizer: Our solution enables you to destack your crates and place them on your production line in no time.


  • Reinforced structure and extended component service life
  • Automatic robotic will pick and place the crates layer by layer starting from the top
  • Pallet with stacked crates will be raised via an elevator to the picking level throughout the cycle.
  • Robotic cell is guarded by safety fencing with access doors. The doors are fitted with limit switches that stop the system in case any door is opened
  • Robot picks the empty palletand places it on a conveyor.
  • The robot head is able to pick independent crates (incomplete layers)
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