Thistles Honey 850gr


Harvested at an altitude of 1,800 meters, Tannourine’s mountain slopes provide an annual summer floral diversity including thistles, cedar, and wild summer flowers.

Tasting Notes: Floral honey, rare and delicate despite a powerful smell, delivering a nice freshness in the mouth.

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Beebloss Honey

We are a family run beekeepers and artisanal honey producers. We strictly use sustainable methods of beekeeping that had been used for generations before to ensure natural, raw and pure honey produce.

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Health Benefits:

Rich in minerals with a strong presence of iron, boost the immune system, excellent stimulant and aphrodisiac, effective on liver problems and anemia.

Food-Honey Pairing:

Pair it with fresh cheese to let it express all its flavor. Accompanies nuts, fruits and cereals.  Enjoy it on a slice of bread, pancake or waffle.


Liquid, Turning crystallized 3 months after harvest.

Sweetness: 3/5

Intensity: 3/5


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Sold By Beebloss Honey