• 40110_(250g)_Tomato-Paste_CG

Tomato Paste (28-30%) 250 gr x 12

  • Box Size:21×11.5×26.5 cm
  • Gross Weight: 5.670 gr
  • Net Weight: 3.6 gr
  • Quantity / Container Load Per 20ft: 4800
  • Item Code: 40110

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Alfa Interfood S.A.L. is an affiliate of Harb Holding International S.A.L., a Middle Eastern Company / Factory located in the heart of the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. This brand company has been founded in 1992 with newly established equipments & manufacturing over 300 SKU’s under the brands : Chtoura Garden, Ctoura Foods, Maxi Foods, & Chtoura Land. .

As a company facing a market ever so demanding & having interest in distributing its products all over Lebanon and overseas, Alfa Interfood S.A.L. has become so famous in the market and became one of the leading factories in Lebanon and overseas that rapidly, people began to associate it with it’s consistent quality of taste conformed to the very best measures of food safety avoiding any moisture, humidity effects and other factors.

Alfa Interfood aims to see its top quality Middle Eastern & ready to eat canned food products every place of the five continents.

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