Al Rabih Cooked Chickpeas

Al Rabih Chickpeas

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Our company is one of the leading companies in the food industry in Lebanon for over 40 years. The journey began in a small office in Dbaye with Georges Nasraoui who believed that Lebanese food can reach the world, with this vision, team effort and consumer loyalty Sonaco is now available in the US, Canada, Gulf, Europe and many other countries.

Sonaco’s success is built on 2 main pillars; the first one is “team” who is always ensuring to stay updated with the latest technologies, machinery, international regulations, food trends and our “consumers” who trusted our brand and are always looking for Alrabih food experience.

Sonaco trusts and values their customers and consumers and commits to providing them high-quality products and value for money all over the world.

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Al Rabih brand offers a large line of pre-cooked beans with homemade and variable regional tastes. This category can be served as snack, salad or accompaniment to any meal.

For a Lebanese Fava Beans or Foul medamas taste, just heat the content of the can, add Al rabih chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, salt and olive oil, can be served for breakfast with pita bread.

Available options: 400G, 800G


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