Advertise Across the Event

Highlight Your Presence at Lebanon’s Industrial Parade 2022

  • Roll-Up Banners
    Roll-Up Banners $250

    Vertical stand-alone roll-up banners of size 85 cm x 200 cm will be displayed across the Main Entrance Lobby and in the Hallway leading to the Dome, to be observed by all entering attendants as well as during coffee breaks. Only 30 spaces available. Banners will be printed and produced on behalf of advertisers by the team.

  • All-Day Video Reels Across 12 Screens
    All-Day Video Reels Across 12 Screens $175

    This option is for Loubnany Members & Event Sponsors: Up to 1-minute video reels per Loubnany member will play around the clock from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on a total of 12 screens, being: one large mega screen in the Dome Hallway, 4 wall monitors in the same area, 2 wall monitors in the lunch lobby, 4 Mega Monitors in the Lunch Hall and one Mega Screen in the Business Lounge. A total of 50 time-slots of one-minute are available for booking.

  • Dedicated Desk in Business Lounge
    Dedicated Desk in Business Lounge $150

    Aside from the 20 spaces available only to the Parade presenters, there shall be 7 spaces available for booking by non-presenters inside the all-day open Business Lounge. These desks are used for business -matching purposes. One stand-alone roll-up banner of size 80 x 200 cm can be displayed behind the desk.

Roll-Up Banners

Across Main Lobby & Dome Hallways
$ 250 All-Day Visibility - Static
  • Stand-Alone Roll-Up Banners In Main Lobby & Dome Hallways

Video Reels

Playing Around the Clock Across All Screens
$ 175 All-Day Visibility - Dynamic
  • Mega Digital Screen in Dome Hallway
  • 3 Monitors in Dome Hallway
  • 2 Monitors in Lunch Lobby
  • 4 Mega Screens in Lunch Hall
  • 1 Mega Screen in Business Lounge

Dedicated Desk

Share the Business Lounge with Parade Presenters
$ 150 Open For All-Day Business Matching
  • Dedicated Business Matching Lounge Desks alongside the 20 Parading Presenters

Settle in Cash to Save on Transaction Fees. Call: 76-077308 after booking.

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