• PIC007 Last Supper 1 – Original Oil Painting on convas 70 x 170 cm 3570$

Last Supper 1


Original Oil Painting on canvas – (170 x 70 cm)

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PIC007 – Original Oil Painting on canvas – (170 x 70 cm)

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Shipping Volumetric Weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 170 × 1 × 70 cm

Jean Ayoub

Jean was born in Lebanon in 1960. Inspired by the natural beauty of his country, he made his first painting at the age of 9. He went on to study the arts in Beirut and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Interior Design. Over the years, Jean has had artwork displayed in shows and galleries worldwide. In the early days of his career, from 1985 through 1996, Jean mainly worked with watercolor paintings. In the 2000’s, he moved to working primarily with oil. His work evolved from traditional to a more modern and symbolic form of art. Jean is inspired by common and central elements of daily life: nature, religion, and man himself. His subjects often depict men and women in mundane situations, conveying the emotions of day to day living. His recent modern art, albeit symbolic, still represents the daily emotional facet of life.

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