Innovative Lebanon

Incremental Innovation

Most innovations are steady and consistent enhancements in  current ideas. Incremental innovations are slightly better than their predecessor item, with just a slight or minor departure from current definitions or applications. Items can be made more modest, simpler to utilize or more appealing without changing the center usefulness of it and administrations can be made more productive through consistent improvement.

PMV-206 The 100% Lebanese Ventilator

NanoMask The 99% effective COVID-filter mask

The Bio-Defense Indoor Air Protection System

Lebanon's First Sports Car Designer



Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation refers to a concept, product, or a service that creates a new value network either by entering an existing market or by creating a completely new market. Disruptive innovations usually have huge growth potential, and disruptive innovators can supersede entrenched incumbents with their speed and agility.

Fin-tech Innovators

Agri-tech Innovators

Health-Tech Innovators

Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining innovation improves and grows existing value networks as opposed to creating new ones. It is the opposite of sustaining innovation and faster than incremental innovation in that it answers straight to an existing customer need.

Radical Innovation

Radical innovation uses both groundbreaking technology and a new business model.  Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, energy storage and genome sequencing are all examples of radical innovation.