Crochet Doll Girl


Length: 37cm
Width: 15 cm
Weight: 230g

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L'Art du Crochet

Crochet is hand knitting with a hook and thread, in addition to a lot of imagination and a person’s artistic touch. I am 46 years old and started crocheting 6 years ago. I learned crochet at first at home, as it is inherited in my family, my mother and my aunts have been knitting since childhood. So I started learning crochet on my own, and two years later, I decided to get a certificate in manual work. Besides crochet, I also learned embroidery, beadwork, dolls made of cloth and leather bags. But I completed the crochet work, as it makes me feel happy and comfortable every time I finish crocheting a piece. I started making a key holder and then tablecloths with decorative items for kitchens of all kinds. Then I sewed shawls and bonnies for adults and children until I got to know the T-shirt yarn, so I started weaving the different purses and baskets with it. In the end, I reached the world of amigurumi, where I started making toys, which I currently find indescribable fun, especially that you can do a lot of innovations whether it is playing with colors or adding my own touches to each piece.

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Crochet Doll is filled with cotton threads and stuffed with fiber.

Very safe for children.

Can be washed by washing machine.

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Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 37 × 15 × 8.5 cm

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