Grapefruit & Orange Jam


Natural Home-made Grapefruit & Orange jam 400 gr.

Ingredients : Grapefruit and orange fruit, sugar, and lemon

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Beit Jedde

In an effort to promote local savoir-faire and traditional food and art crafts, Beit Jedde has partenered with local and talented producers to create an amazing selection of food products and crafts. Our mouneh products are homemade according to the highest quality standards and using only natural ingredients.Furtheremore, our local traditional lebanese method of small batch production reslults in the finest tasting fruit spread.

Also, our artisanal items such as crochet and embroidery are a great way to embellish your home while supporting local artisans.

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Our mix jam is made up of natural fruits , freshly hand picked from Beit Jedde grapefruit tree giving your mouth the natural taste.

It is rich in nutritions and the taste is amazing!

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