Dimples Dehydrated Apple with Cinnamon


Natural, Snack portion dehydrated apple with cinnamon, No added sugar, No preservatives low in calories High in vitamins, Minerals, antioxidants and Fibers, vegan, gluten free, Reusable zip bag.

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“Dimples” is a healthy curve where people can make healthy eating a natural and fun part of their life.  This Lebanese platform provides you with healthy products and snacks, Curated by a dietitian. Our Products are healthy, delicious, snack portion, vegan, gluten free with no added sugar or preservatives. Dimples snacks are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers. They suit all age groups and most diseases.

Accordingly, “Dimples” works on providing healthy snacks that are satisfying, yet nutritious.

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• Our dehydrated apples with cinnamon are a natural source of energy, the best quality delicious fruits. Always good option to stop sugar cravings.
• Our dehydrated apples with cinnamon maintain their nutritional value, they are a great source of protective antioxidants, fiber, enzymes and immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals.
• High in vitamin A and B.
• No added sugar, no preservatives.
• Can be added to oatmeal, cakes, desserts, pies, salads and pancakes.
• Low risk of bacteria and contamination
• Store in a cool, dry area; after opening store in tightly closed container or plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer.

Health benefits:
• Increase Nutrient and fiber intake
• Prevent and control diabetes
• Boost Immune system
• Improves colon and digestive health
• Promote weight loss
• Improve heart health
• Prevent hypertension
• Boosts energy

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